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Vitacress Herbs, Pagham Road, Chichester, West Sussex, Reino Unido N.º de Ped.7
19 de outubro de 2023

Why are Vitacress Herbs looking to hire a Multiskilled Maintenance Engineer?

Because we need someone to help us with our "thyme"-ly maintenance and keep everything running "sage" and sound!

As a Multiskilled Engineer at Vitacress Herbs, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of our production facilities. You will be the backbone of our machinery and equipment maintenance, taking charge of keeping everything in optimal working condition. Your work directly impacts our ability to deliver top-quality fresh herbs to our customers. Some of the key responsibilities of the role include:

  • Ensuring all electrical equipment is maintained to guarantee person and operator safety.
  • Assisting the Head of Engineering/Shift Leader to plan work and systems so that the equipment/machinery is maintained to agreed standards and within agreed timescales.
  • Ensuring the correct procedure is followed when ordering and replacing equipment.
  • Ensuring all records are kept up to date, including, the engineering database, engineering work sheets and permits to work.
  • Assisting the Head of Engineering/Shift Leader with coaching and training of staff, ensuring that correct techniques and procedures are followed.


This is a full-time position, working 40 hours per week across an average of 5 days. You will be required to work 1 in every 3 weekends. You will receive a salary of up to £40,000.00, plus bonus and 5% pension contributions.

In summary, the Multiskilled Engineer role at Vitacress Herbs is integral to our business's success. Your expertise in machinery maintenance, troubleshooting, safety, and quality assurance directly impacts our ability to meet customer demand, maintain efficient operations and ensure the highest standards of safety and product quality. You will be a key player in our commitment to delivering the freshest and most delicious herbs to our customers, and your contributions will be essential to our ongoing success in the industry.

If you're a skilled engineer with a passion for fresh produce and a commitment to quality, we want to hear from you. Please apply directly via our careers site!

Vitacress is the leading supplier of Herbs and Salads products in the UK with our main sites in Andover, Chichester and Portugal. We take immense pride in our work ensuring our consumers have a fresh, quality product to enhance their home cooking or enhance their garden environment. We take pleasure in ensuring the best possible standards and we will empower you to do the same. From the way we grow our products, to the relationships we maintain with customers, everyone knows exactly what is going on. We are authentic and grounded. At the centre of everything is a trust that you can feel every day at work. From the salads, herbs and horticultural plants that are grown on site; to the investment in facilities and the growth of the business; to growing and nurturing our talented employees, growing is truly at the heart of what we do. Join us and become a trusted partner in our business.

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